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Harmonia is the embodiment of peace, patience, serenity, nurturing, and focus. These stones provide mental stability, heart healing, help memory and mental fatigue, and dispel anxiety. This design includes rose quartz, moonstone, angel aura quartz, fluorite, and aquamarine.

  • Details

    Hand made in my studio with durable elastic cord and genuine gemstone beads. Each bracelet is carefully packaged and shipped to you as a completely unique and individual piece.

    Gemstones will vary due to their natural formation and no bracelet will ever be the same. Please be aware that colors will fluctuate, but I will always do my best to maintain consistency.

    Standard size is 7”. If you need larger or smaller, please note wrist size in inches in the comment box provided

  • Care Instructions

    • Avoid excessive pulling and stretching. This can wear out the elastic cord.
    • Remove bracelet before showering, swimming, and going to sleep.
    • Gently roll the bracelet over your hand for wearing and removal.
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